Tribal - 29 Weeks

Leggings: Target Maternity, Shoes: H&M, Top: Forever21 (old, fun tribal print here or here), Vest: TJMaxx (Old, Similar)
Hair: Fishtail on the side

Its summer - and its hot! I love the summer weather, but with the heat, I am just wanting to be comfortable. 
Enter - Target Maternity Leggings by Be Maternity! OMG these have changed my life. Though I am still mostly wearing my dresses (due to not wanting anything touching my body) - these have been a lifesaver for me to throw on to run errands, and to work out in. They are also super cute to throw on with a cute top and a vest to wear to work, when I am in a hurry. 
With the weather being so hot, I have been in kind of a tribal mood -so this top has been perfect. It is not maternity - in fact it is quite a few years old - but it works perfectly for my ever growing bump and is super comfortable. It makes me feel like I am going on a safari ;)

As far as the pregnancy goes - it has been a great couple of weeks! I just feel like I am chugging along. We hit 29 weeks this past weekend, which officially puts us in the 3rd trimester (HOME STRETCH). I have been busy with wonderful baby showers and getting the nursery ready - so hopefully everything will be in order by the time he gets here in September!

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend full of American traditions and fireworks!



Weekly Weakness... Old Navy

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

After the brutal winter that we have, I am loving the heat - but that doesn't mean I want to be wearing clothes that are clingy or tight. Old Navy has some excellent dress/summer options right now. I love that everything they have is super cute, really flowy, and not too pricey (and by not too pricey, I mean under $30 :) ). 



Triple Topsy Tail...

Wow. It has been a REALLY REALLY long time since I have done a hair tutorial. Sorry about that! Been a little distracted. 
With having so much going on, I have been trying to come up with some really easy ways to throw my hair up and out of the way, all the while still looking cute and put together. 

This style is perfect for summer - it keeps the hair off your neck, and it gives a much fancier feeling than a regular or side pony. To me, it almost looks like a funky braid!
Needless to say, its super simple, and one of my summer staple hairstyles when I have about 3 minutes before leaving the house...

What you will need:
-Clear rubber bands 
(I prefer clear so that they really blend in with you hair, and don't call attention to the fact that there are rubber bands making your hair do this...)
-Teasing comb/brush (optional)
- Hairspray

1. Start with your hair in any texture. I wore mine straight today, but this could also be cute with a wave or curl in it. My thought process is whatever is easiest. If your hair is already curly, wear it curly...if its straight wear it straight. Both would look great, and we are going for EASY here, right? ;)
Pull into a side ponytail right behind ear, and secure with clear rubber band. 

2. Twist ponytail up, over and through (see tutorial for this HERE) and then tighten. You might want to loosen up the topsy tail part/rough it up so that it has a little volume by pulling on the sides of the twist a little bit. Make sure when you tighten, the clear rubber band almost dissappears. 

3. Option  - using your teasing comb, lightly tease the remaining ponytail to cause volume. 

4. About an inch and a 1/2 to 2 inches down the ponytail, secure with another clear rubber band. 

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and 4 until you run out of room. I usually have a total of 3 topsy tails in my hair, but if you have longer/shorter hair do what you need to do to finish it off. 

6. You are done! Secure final topsy tail and tighten, and then brush out very ends. If you are prone to fly-a-ways or hair falling out, secure with hairspray. 



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